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  SINCE 1963, POP WARNER is the ORIGINAL Youth 
Tackle and Cheer program in AZ. 
WE are the ORIGINAL, the largest and the BEST!

Longevity, experience, academic emphasis;
why would you want your child to play anywhere else? 


It's all about the Kids 

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What do you need to know now?

  1. Practice for the first 3 weeks is Monday thru Friday, 6pm to 8pm. Unlimited, Jr. Midget, Pee Wee, Jr. Pee Wee, Mitey Mite and Tiny Mite tackle and cheer teams start Monday, August 3rd. 
  2. If you have any outstanding paperwork (physical, report card, birth certificate) or any outstanding fees, please bring it all to first practice and give it to your business manager.  FEES MUST BE PAID IN FULL TO RECEIVE EQUIPMENT.
  3. All tackle players must wear compression shorts (or a jock) and cleats in games.
  4. If your athlete wears glasses, they must practice and play in sports goggles.  The lenses in the sports goggles must be clear.  They cannot be tinted or transition lenses because the trainer/EMT must be able to see his eyes and make an assessment without removing the glasses.
  5. If your player has asthma, please bring an inhaler.
  6. No pets are permitted on the school grounds, so please leave all pets at home.  If you bring one, you will be asked to take it home. 
  7. There is also no smoking (including e-cigs) or tobacco permitted on school grounds.
  8. Equipment pickup for tackle is Sunday August 8th at the Sunnyslope High School Gym.
  9. Certification date is to be held 8/15/2015.  This is MANDATORY in order for your player to be certified to play as well as to make sure that all equipment fits accurately and safely.  We will also hold concussion testing for all players sponsored by the Mayo Clinic. The schedule for this event will be given out shortly. 

 Please understand that items #6 & 7 are handed down directly by the school facilities, and if we violate these rules, we can lose
our privileges at the fields. This is a zero tolerance policy.



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Go to the "Why play in Pop Warner" tab to see why Pop Warner
is the PREMIERE youth football/cheer organization in Arizona!


Get updates for future events and registration information 

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